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Home of the Avro Arrow


The Mississaugas are part of the Ojibwa Nation, in the Algonquian language family. They established themselves on the north shore of Lake Ontario between 1700 and 1720. During the American Revolution, the British Crown began purchasing and acquiring by treaties large tracts of land for the incoming Loyalists.  On October 28, 1818, the British Crown and the Mississauga First Nation signed Treaty 19. In this treaty, the British acquired the rest of the “Mississauga Tract” which was the land north of modern day Eglinton Avenue. This area included the “New Survey” in Township of Toronto (now the City of Mississauga) and would include the villages of Streetsville, Malton and Meadowvale.  Malton was purchased for 8,500 British Pounds.

Settlement began in the Malton area after shortly after the 1819 survey. Malton was first settled in 1823 by Samuel Moore. Many of Malton’s first settlers are buried in Moore’s Cemetery which is located at 2030 Derry Road East on the south side between Bramalea Road and Torbram Road. The next prominent individual to settle here was Richard Halliday, a native of Malton in Yorkshire, England. Halliday was the only blacksmith in town and wielded great influence. In time this community would become known as Malton, a tribute to the Halliday ancestral home.

Malton developed around the “four corners” of Derry and Airport Roads. By the 1850s Malton resembled a small village and included a general store, a cobbler shop, a small hotel and Halliday’s blacksmith shop. Malton would rise to prominence in 1854 with the arrival of the Grand Trunk Railway in 1854 which turned Malton into a major grain depot. Malton prospered and was awarded the county seat in 1859, which it held for just one year. Steady growth led to Malton being incorporated as a Police Village in 1914.

Malton was a major contributor to Canada’s war efforts. The former Malton airport (the forerunner to today’s Pearson International Airport) was a training base for pilots and was also the site where aircraft were manufactured; most notably the Lancaster Bomber. Following the second world war the A.V. Roe plant in Malton manufactured North America’s first jet passenger plane. The legendary Avro Arrow was entirely designed and built in Malton. When the Arrow’s production plans were suddenly grounded on February 29, 1959 that day would live in infamy in Malton as Black Friday. It was the end of an era. Sadly, a fire would destroy the old Malton Village in 1969 however this proud community would rebuild and is now home to new Canadians from all over the world whose hopes and dreams are just as strong as the first settlers who lived here so many years ago.


Malton is located in the northeast corner of Mississauga abutting the City of Toronto to the east and the City of Brampton to the north. Malton is situated adjacent to the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Malton is separated geographically from other Mississauga neighbourhoods. This has created a strong sense of community. Much of this community pride emanates from Malton Neighbourhood Services, an organization that operates out of the Malton Community Centre, situated at 3540 Morning Star Drive. This organization provides support for newcomers, as well as adults, youth and seniors. Additional Malton landmarks include Westwood Plaza, Paul Coffey Arena and Park, Mimico Creek, Malton Creek, Malton Victory Hall, and Victory Park.

Westwood Square located at 7205 Goreway Dr is an indoor shopping mall. It has undergone recent improvements and receives generally favourable reviews from shoppers for its wide selection of shops and services. Multi-cultural stores featuring Asian, East Indian and African goods makes Westwood Square an interesting place to shop.

Malton Community Centre located at 3540 Morning Star Drive, features a double gymnasium, expanded fitness area and completely redesigned change rooms with adjacent steam rooms. Malton Community Pool is a 25 metre, 4 lane, rectangular shaped pool located in the Malton Community Centre. There are also community meeting rooms. Outdoors amenities include a new splash pad, playground and basketball play pad which provide endless hours of summertime enjoyment. Cyclists and hikers will enjoy the Malton Loop trail which traverses a green corridor that follows the meandering Mimico Creek. Parking for this trail is provided at the Malton Community Centre.

Paul Coffey Park, named after NHL Hall-of-Famer Paul Coffey, features an ice arena, playgrounds and sports fields. There is also a dramatic new children’s playground with a castle theme. The most notable landmark in this park is the real life moments that pays tribute to the Avro Canada CF-100 “Canuck” which was the first Canadian designed and built combat aircraft to engage in wartime combat missions.. The “Canuck” played a critical role in Canada’s participation in the defence of North America and Europe during the Cold War.


  • Albert McBride Park 3811 Teeswater Rd

  • Anaka Park 7666 Anaka Dr

  • Brandon Gate Park 3545 Brandon Gate Dr

  • Cattrick Boulevard Park 53 Cattrick St

  • Derry Greenway 7044 Goreway Dr

  • Elmcreek Park 7320 Darcel Ave

  • Father Joseph A. Nolan Park 7385 Finery Cres

  • Frank McKechnie Park 2 Hull St

  • Malton Greenway 3555 Etude Dr

  • Malton Village Park 39 Beverley St

  • Marvin Heights 7363 Redstone Rd

  • Northwood Park 3830 Brandon Gate Dr

  • Paul Coffey Park 3430 Derry Rd E

  • Ridgewood Park 7239 Cambrett Dr

  • Station Way 26 York St

  • Victory Park 3055 Victory Cres

  • Westwood Park 6941 Darcel Ave

  • Woodgreen 3325 Twilight Rd


Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School

Brandon Gate Public School  

Corliss Public School  

Darcel Avenue Senior Public School 

Dunrankin Drive Public School  

Lancaster Public School  

Marvin Heights Public School  

Morning Star Middle School  

Ridgewood Public School 

The above information is shared from Heritage MississaugaNeighbourhood Guide and Find a Park and Peel District School Board​.  For more information about Malton's history, please visit Heritage Mississauga and Malton: Farms to Flying.


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