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School are the heart of our community

"As a parent of three students, I faced many obstacles navigating the public education system. I feel a duty and responsibility to use my knowledge, voice, and privilege to advocate for the health, safety, well-being, and success of all children, youth, and families in our community."

- Romana Siddiqui




Community Centred

Equity Focussed

Empowerment & Advocacy


Commitment to equity, inclusion and human rights through an anti-oppression, anti-colonial, and anti-racist framework

Transformative Justice,

Asset-Based Community Development

Movement Building with Children, Youth, Parents & Community Members

Addressing Systemic Barriers and Hierarchies of Power

by Implementing

Corrective Measures

Know your Rights &

Navigate the Education System

Use your Voice for Liberation

Leadership & Capacity Building

Actions Needed
Increase Public Education Funding

Stop Privatization of Public Education
Elimination of Mandatory e-Learning

Smaller Class Sizes at all Grade Levels
Increase Special Education Funding
Increase Educator and Support Staff Levels in Schools 

Improve Student Success, Achievement and Well-Being

Safe, Inclusive and Culturally Relevant Learning

Invest in Student Recovery Strategies  

Increase Education & Mental Health Supports

Staff Training in Transformative Justice and Restorative Practices

Trauma-Informed Approach for Student Discipline

Improve School Infrastructure

Improve HVAC and Install HEPA Filter Units in all Schools

Address the Maintenance and Repair Backlog  

Transparency of Processes and Public Accountability

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