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Romana has been heavily involved in public education advocacy for several years.  As Chair of PDSB’s Parent Involvement Committee, she has chaired countless meetings, organized numerous workshops for parents/caregivers and school council members, advised and consulted on several school board working groups and committees to implement Policy and Program Memorandums issued by the Ministry of Education.  Romana has directly worked with the Ministry of Education, Inclusive Education Priorities and Engagement Branch and routinely collaborates with the PDSB’s Trustees, Director, Associate Directors, Superintendents, and various Departments of Education.

As Chair of PDSB's PIC, Romana responsibilities and work includes:

  • Administering $194,000 of Parent Engagement Funding

  • Strategic Planning and Budgeting for Parent Engagement and Involvement 

  • Supporting School Council Elections

  • Great Start School Council Orientation Conference

  • Foundations in Equity, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Training

  • Dismantling Anti-Black Racism Training  

  • Indigenous Education and Awareness Training

  • Truth & Reconciliation Week and Orange Shirt Day Packages

  • Anti-Islamophobia Training  

  • 2SLGBTQ Inclusion Training  

  • It's a Family Affair Conference 

  • Introduction to Special Education 

  • Mental Health & Well-Being of our Kids 

  • A Conversation on Human Rights Policies and Procedures

  • Human Sex Trafficking and Child Exploitation

  • Gender Based Violence in Schools

  • Consent Culture in Schools

  • Digital Citizenship and Cyber Security

  • A Conversation about Black Studies and Indigenous Education Curriculum

  • Eliminating Racial Disparities in Student Disciplinary Procedures

  • French Immersion Review Committee

  • Anti-Racism Policy Committee

  • PPM 166 Anti-Human Sex Trafficking Committee

  • Anti-Islamophobia Strategy Group


Parents, caregivers and community members play a very important role in ensuring the well-being, safety and success of children and youth.  Your love, guidance, engagement and involvement in your child(ren)'s education is the most significant factor.  Participating in the Parent Involvement Committee, School Councils and in the community at large, is an important step towards making a difference not only for your own children, but for all students at your school and throughout the Peel District School Board.

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